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Patch 1.10 Notes: Improved Accuracy for 2-Handed Non-ADS Aiming, Rank Reset Safeguards, and More

Hello everyone! Today we're going live with Patch 1.10 in Firewall Ultra. As we revealed last week, this patch has several targeted fixes that should lead to an improved gameplay experience, more options for players, and of course more ongoing fixes and tweaks on the backend.

Here is the full list of updates coming to Firewall Ultra for Patch 1.10::

  • Fixed black screen issue that blocked users from seeing gameplay

  • 2-Handed gameplay now has ADS accuracy when standing still or barely moving, moving faster decreases accuracy

  • Windows now react to explosives, both thrown and exploding

  • Intro movies now skipped on second watch

  • Pistols can now properly attach Under Barrel items (such as flashlights)

  • Secondary/Melee quick swap option now persists between loads

  • Black Road item count is properly reflected

  • Updated UI images and icon textures

  • Motion Sensor notification on wrist display added

  • Draw distance issues fixed on multiple maps

  • Matchmaking improvements

You'll notice that we are still limiting the squad size in Public Exfil games to a maximum of 3 players. We are aware of the issue preventing squads of 4 players from starting Public Exfil matches, but we're actively working to have that issue addressed very soon. So, until that fix arrives, the mode will be grayed out if your squad is greater than 3 players.

Thank you to everyone for the love and support since launch! The team is working hard to make Firewall Ultra as great as it can be so your ongoing feedback is extremely helpful!

For up-to-the-minute updates, please feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



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