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ROM Extraction

ROM Extraction is a fast-paced homage to the classic arcade shooter, built entirely for VR.


Set decades in the future, ROM: Extraction puts players in a world where they can bend the laws of time, while trying to survive the onslaught of an extraterrestrial-developed defense system.

Players will engage in an exciting new style of VR gameplay--giving them the power to slow down time, for an unprecedented method of strategic combat.
ROM is a game being continuously expanded upon, with its first content update -- "Overrun".

It’s one hell of a future for mankind, set to a killer soundtrack featuring the drum & bass duo Delta Heavy and EDM artist Twin Moons (aka Le Castle Vania)

'Incredibly engaging....not only can I throw and shoot orbs, but I can slow down time as well. Simple to pick up, not too complex, but addicting and fun like a classic arcade shooter. In ROM: Extraction, this is the secret sauce.'


'My instincts kick in...a smile creeps onto my face as it clicks for me...these explosions are incredible. Before I know it I feel like a mixture between Gambit from X-Men throwing orbs instead of cards and Deadpool, bending and dodging bullets as I mow down my enemies.'


- David Jagneaux, UploadVR

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