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Patch 1.13: Operation Bloodline is Now Live With New Weapon, New Contractor & Dozens of Rewards!

Attention, Contractors! Today we’re announcing the release of Patch 1.13 in Firewall Ultra! This patch is a big deal for the game as it introduces our first seasonal operation event: Operation Bloodline! If you played Firewall Zero Hour on PS VR then you have a good idea of what to expect with Operations in Firewall Ultra. For those that are new, we can’t wait to see how many rewards you’re able to earn!

Let’s take a look at the summary image:

Patch 1.13 Summary

And here is the full list of things coming to Firewall Ultra for Patch 1.13:

  • Operation Bloodline is now live with dozens of rewards to earn:

    • Access Operations menu via the Black Road.

    • Unlock Premium tiers by purchasing Op Pass.

    • Includes 20 free tiers, 40 premium tiers.

    • Complete Operation Assignments to earn Hack Keys to unlock rewards.

    • Includes new SMG primary weapon, the Sten.

    • Includes new Contractor, Ruby.

    • Ruby's skill, Thief, increases crypto rewards, enables stealing crypto from eliminated enemies, and hacks mining rigs faster.

    • Rewards also include Crypto bundles, double Crypto tokens, and double Reputation tokens.

  • Player card customization with Operation icons and backgrounds is now available.

  • Expanded weapon customization including trinkets and reticles is now available.

New Contractor: Ruby

As you can see, Patch 1.13 is focused on introducing our first seasonal operation event: Operation Bloodline! Ruby’s skill, Thief, dramatically increases your ability to earn Crypto efficiently and should combine well with the lethality of the new Sten SMG.

New Weapon;: Sten

We hope to see lots of great clips from everyone using our new Contractor, the new weapon, and all of the new customization options across both of our brand new maps we introduced in Patch 1.12. Firewall Ultra is better than ever these days!

New Maps: Lab & Stronghold

Thank you for the support and feedback thus far, we're excited to see what everyone thinks of Operation Bloodline!



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