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Patch 1.09 Notes: Rank Reset Fixes, AFK Player Kicking, and Much More

Today, we’re pleased to reveal that Patch 1.09 for Firewall Ultra on PlayStation VR2 for PlayStation 5 is now available for all players. This is our largest patch to date with a wide range of updates and fixes across nearly all areas of the game.

Notably, this patch adds safeguards against conditions that could result in reset of user ranks and progress as well as an idle detection process that will kick players for being AFK in public game modes.

Firewall Ultra patch 1.09 patch notes
Firewall Ultra patch 1.09 patch notes

Firewall Ultra Patch 1.09 Notes:

  • Added safeguards against conditions that could result in reset of user ranks and progress.

  • Implemented idle detection and kick for AFK players in public game modes.

  • Addressed issue where AI did not detect AFK players in Exfil.

  • Temporarily limited the maximum squad size to 3 players for Public Exfil to avoid an issue that will be fixed soon.

  • Fixed a condition where some players would not see assignments.

  • Fixed a bug where accepted assignments in progress would reset every 24hrs.

  • PVE tuning and difficulty adjustments.

  • Added the ability to cancel a matchmaking request from the home menu in the safehouse.

  • Implemented a momentary cooldown for processing cancellations of a matchmaking request.

  • Fixed a condition where the C4 clacker could disappear without detonating the C4.

  • Fixed an issue where ADS appeared to be twisted sideways in 3rd person for left-handed players.

  • Addressed an issue with the pose of the TAR glasses in the tutorial.

  • Corrected some hand poses on weapons to address some clipping issues.

  • Addressed issues pertaining to handguards and rail attachments on the XMR90 and Stalker.

  • Addressed some minor LOD issues on some weapon attachments.

  • Fixes for LOD popping, bad reflections, and player collision on several maps.

  • Added a user-facing option to change the behavior of the 'quick swap' button.

  • Disabled the invite option from within a public lobby.

  • Blood effects have been updated and added to projectiles.

  • Skill descriptions have been updated.

  • Updates to the patch notes UI.

We are aware that many users have experienced a reset of their Reputation level one or more times since launch. This patch will provide safeguards against this issue from occurring in the future, but we are also working on a process to restore affected users' lost reputation points so that players' Reputation levels will be reflective of all their accumulated progress to date. Please stay tuned for details to come.

Additionally, you'll notice that we are temporarily limiting the squad size in Public Exfil games to a maximum of 3 players. We are aware of the issue preventing squads of 4 players from starting Public Exfil matches, but we're actively working to have that issue addressed very soon. So, until that fix arrives, the mode will be grayed out if your squad is greater than 3 players.

Thank you for your support on this journey with us as we continue to work on making Firewall Ultra as great as it can be!

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