Technical Animator

First Contact is looking for a Tech Animator to help take our Characters, Weapons, and Animation and Character Pipelines to the next level. The ideal candidate is a problem solver and a creative thinker. They are up for the challenge of working within hardware constraints as well as finding inventive ways to push beyond, or circumvent these limitations.

Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with Technical Art, Animation, Design and Engineering to deliver characters that are satisfying to play,engaging to look at, and push the boundaries of the hardware’s capabilities.

  • Implement characters, weapons etc, inside of UE4, to be ready for gameplay.

  • Utilize tools techniques from both the authoring and real-time pipelines to deliver skeletal characters, weapons and objects that are highly-functional, dynamic and robust.

  • Develop rigging and deformation solutions and structured workflows using Maya.

  • Develop and maintain animation and asset tools to improve the efficiency of our rigging, deformation, and animation pipeline in Maya.

  • Utilize animation tools within the UE4 to achieve the best representation of our characters, weapons and props in game.

  • R&D Unreal systems related to Characters and Animation.

Required Experience

  • 3+ years experience in games or related fields.

  • Expert knowledge of Maya tools and architecture.

  • Experience in UE4 character implementation and animation Blueprints.

  • Proficient with Python / Mel scripting in Maya.

  • Solid 3D math skills.

  • Comfortable wearing multiple hats and problem solving both in DCC and in UE4.

  • Ability to self manage tasks while communicating effectively with multiple departments in an ongoing fashion.

  • Passionate about pushing the boundaries of hardware limitations in inventive ways.

  • Excited about the future of VR.

Stand out with bonus features

  • Both Real-time Simulation and Offline Rendering experience.

  • Mocap experience.

  • UE4 Control Rig experience.

  • UE4 Materials experience.

  • UE5 experience.

  • C++ programming experience.

  • Enjoy keeping up with the latest industry techniques and experimenting with their implementations.


Submission Requirements

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter (optional)

  • A demo reel demonstrating tools, rigging, rig GUI, and technical ability. (Please provide a breakdown of your contributions to what we see on the demo reel.)
    Only digital artwork submissions such as website, blog or online album will be accepted


How to apply​

Must be eligible to work in the US. 


Questions about the position?