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Tech Artist

First Contact Entertainment is seeking a Technical Artist to strategically coordinate with Tools Developers, Engineers and Artists to help better facilitate game vision and direction.



Job Type


Full Time

Santa Monica, CA USA

We are looking for someone to help design and implement art workflows and pipelines that will enable us to push the performance and visual boundaries of next gen gaming. The ideal candidate will be able to balance the demands of vision and technical limitation by scoping out workflows that maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. They should be results-driven, practical and strategic. Candidates should have a strong understanding of game art creation and should strive to push the boundaries of next gen art standards. They should be organized, adaptable and understanding of technical limitations and budgets

  • Improve internal practices and maximize efficiency in the asset development pipeline

  • Optimize assets for maximum CPU and GPU efficiency on PC and console platforms

  • Collaborate with multiple teams and set up pipelines and tool specs for art asset generation

  • Report directly to the Art Director with vision and suggestions pertaining to art content creation practices

  • Implement assets using UE4 and custom tools/pipelines

  • Clearly articulate goals and standards to internal devs as well as external partners

  • Demonstrate new workflows and tools to internal devs and as well as external partners

  • Author custom shaders for UE4 using the material editor, custom nodes and UE4 source code for implementation

  • Author construction scripts in UE4 for use in level building and other processes

  • Work with engineering and art leads to develop and enforce standards and technical budgets 

  • Support various art endeavors by aiding in misc. technical components of the content creation and implementation process

  • Professional and effective communication skills 

  • High degree of proactivity and urgency 

  • Working knowledge of Maya, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Photoshop, and other industry standard software

  • Comfortable educating and upholding procedure 

  • Team player capable of adapting to changing production demands as well as ability to communicate clearly

  • Proficient understanding of the real-time rendering pipeline and shading models

  • Ability to author production quality shaders in shading languages like hlsl and glsl 

  • General understanding of modular development workflows

  • Ability to script in UE4 blueprint

  • Must be currently eligible to work in the USA

  • An interest in VR

  • Console game development experience 

  • VR Game experience

  • Unreal 4 experience

  • Shader development experience

  • Scripting experience in Python 


4+ years of previous game studio experience with at least 1 shipped title


Please send all required documents listed below to:



  • Resume

  • Cover letter