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Solaris Update - Patch 1.02 - Arrival of Quest 2

Hey everyone,

Shabs here, Game Director at FCE. It’s time to roll out our next update -- one that just so happens to fall on shipping day for Quest 2!

We’ve been having a blast seeing all the reactions to Solaris Offworld Combat since launch, and receiving all your feedback. Today, we’re super excited to be launching our second update to the game, and welcoming Quest 2 players to the world of Solaris! As an FYI, Solaris offers multiplayer crossplay between Quest, Quest 2, and Rift.

Solaris Patch 1.02 features improvements for Quest 2, and addresses the following changes:

  • Resolution improvements for Oculus Quest 2

  • Matchmaking improvements

  • Fixed head bone rotation

  • Various character shader improvements

  • Various level shader fixes and lightbakes

  • Fixed an issue with collision in Tarvos Prime

  • Fixed a collision issue with the Rocket Launcher

  • Fixed an incorrect stat issue with the leaderboard

  • Various rendering improvements

  • Players should be able to reach level 50 now

Thanks for all the feedback you’ve been sending through our Zendesk, Discord, and Facebook group. We’ve also been answering your burning questions on Solaris Saturdays, a new feature we’re running on our First Contact Entertainment YouTube channel. It includes Q&A, interviews with our devs, and amazing clips submitted by players like you! Check out the most recent videos below:

Keep those clips on Discord coming, and stay tuned to our Twitter and YouTube channel for more fun and excitement.

I’ll see you on the Holofield, Athlon!

- Shabs