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Solaris Update - One Week Since Launch - Patch 1.01

Hey everyone,

Shabs here, Game Director at FCE. It’s been one week since launch and it's been a heck of a ride! We’ve been absolutely thrilled by the positive reception toward Solaris Offworld Combat’s launch on Oculus Quest and Rift. It’s been amazing watching all of the comments, videos, and messages of support roll in, as well as seeing Solaris take the top spot on the Oculus Quest store charts!

Thank you for all the feedback you’ve been sending through our Zendesk, Discord, and Facebook group. We greatly appreciate it, and please, keep it coming! We are all ears for your comments and concerns.

Today we roll out our first update for Solaris, Patch 1.01, addressing the following changes:

- Fixed an issue with customizations not saving

- Fixed a potential crash after a match concluded

- Fixed a visual issue with pickups

- Strengthened network infrastructure

- Corrected a stat-tracking inaccuracy

- Multiple quality of life improvements

- Improved matchmaking

- UI bug fixes and improvements

- Fixed a player name tag alignment

- Performance Optimizations

This update is just the beginning as we’re in Pre-Season. We’ll be addressing feedback and questions in a Q&A session coming soon. Please stay tuned to our Twitter and YouTube channel for more info!

- Shabs