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Solaris Offworld Combat - Gameplay Trailer and Release Date Reveal!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Hey everyone,

Damoun Shabestari (aka Shabs) here, Game Director on Solaris Offworld Combat -- the new VR game from First Contact Entertainment.

We’ve been developing VR games for over 4 years now. We released Firewall Zero Hour, followed by its seasons of content, and prior to that, we released ROM Extraction. We’ve been imagining what the future of immersive gaming could be, and witnessed how it's been represented in media, from Tron to Ready Player One. We’re striving to make the dream of immersive, multiplayer VR gaming a reality -- one that you can experience in the present day.

Today, we’re excited to reveal the first Gameplay Trailer for our sci-fi multiplayer VR shooter:

Solaris Offworld Combat

Launching August 27th 2020 on Oculus Quest and Rift, followed by PSVR.

What happens when you take one of your favorite real-world games growing up (like capture the flag or king of the hill), drop it into a futuristic VR world, complete with thrilling sci-fi game mechanics, and all of your friends? As VR continues to expand its popularity thanks to platforms like Oculus Quest, we’re here to throw our hat in the ring. Solaris Offworld Combat is our vision for what futuristic multiplayer VR could be -- right now!

Solaris Offworld Combat is set in the year 2150. You play as an elite, engineered VR athlete known as an Athlon. Much like the array of weapons at your disposal, you are a finely tuned, precision piece of future technology. In the future, VR Esports has evolved -- big time. Leaving the confines and limitations of Earth, future sports now take place in Holofields located in Offworld Arenas. You and the other Athlons from around the world travel to these Offworld Arenas. Your goal in the game is to work together as a team, to take control of the arena away from the other team before time runs out. The game mode is called Control Point.

You start each round armed with your Sentinel Disruptor pistol, and must fight your way to more advanced weapons and equipment offered up on the Holopads. Using weapons, equipment, cover points, and communication, you’ll work with your team to own the Control Point and win the match!

We’re developing Solaris in a way that makes it easy for anyone to jump in and play. It’s fast-paced, fun, and you’ll never have the same experience twice. Every time you jump in to play Solaris, it feels fresh. Just a few of the different elements you see in our Gameplay Trailer reveal today:

  • Player Locomotion: We offer full player locomotion with comfort options. Our goal is to always make locomotion as comfortable as possible -- we offer both quick-turn and smooth-turn options.

  • Weapon pick-ups: You start the game with your Sentinel Disruptor pistol, but you can pick up other weapons throughout the arena during the match -- like Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Arc Rifles. You can also pick up Health and Armor, and deploy items like Mines, Shields, and other Utilities.

  • Sliding: You can sprint, but you can also slide! It’s a feeling that can only be experienced--your first slide under a rocket projectile, and then eliminating your enemy is something you will never forget!

  • Teleporters: Not to be confused with the type of VR movement known as teleportation, the teleporters in Solaris are called Jump Points. Jump Points are located in the arena to help players flank enemies and traverse to the Control Point quickly.

  • Respawning: When eliminated by an opponent, you are ejected from the active Holofield to be immediately respawned back into action.

  • Communication: Communication with your teammates is key! Using the built-in mic of the VR headset is an important element to your team’s success in Solaris.

Our vision for Solaris is for it to be an accessible game, but also one that can be played competitively against groups of friends. The sport of Solaris will grow after launch, and we look forward to growing the game with our community. Players can expect dedicated servers at launch, followed by a stream of content updates to follow, such as customizable features in-game, like character skins and helmets, and squads!

We’re so excited to get Solaris into players’ hands (and headsets) starting August 27th! I can’t wait to share more with you all. Stay tuned for more!

Be sure to join us on social for more updates, and to meet other players leading up to launch:

Solaris Offworld Combat Facebook Group

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- Damoun ‘Shabs’ Shabestari

PR Contact:

Jessica Ward

Director of PR, First Contact Entertainment