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Firewall Zero Hour - Community Update #15

Hi guys, Shabs here! Welcome back to Firewall Fridays. And--a super huge welcome to the newcomers to Firewall Zero Hour who’ve joined from the free trial / flash sale weekend!

Development News

Frank and I are back from PAX South! We had an insanely awesome time demo-ing Firewall Zero Hour on the showfloor at our first PAX with PlayStation! We met so many cool players from around the world, and met a ton of cool people doing awesome things in gaming and VR.

As mentioned, last weekend’s Firewall Zero Hour free trial for PS Plus members was a blast! The free trial and limited time PS Store flash sale brought tons more Contractors into the fray. We’ve heard great feedback from the new community members who have been playing with other newcomers, as well as playing with those who’ve been with us since day one. Thanks to all those who helped out the newcomers with tips and training during their first weekend of Contract-fulfilling!

Contained in the recent Patch 1.13 update that went live last week are various balancing and bug fixes, including:

Players now earn more XP for Knockdowns, Assists, and completing Public Contracts matches.

Skill unlocks: Investor skill now unlocks at level 10, and Crypto cost has been reduced. Heavy Duty now unlocks at Level 20, and Crypto cost has been reduced. Heavy Duty now has additional resistance to Grenade Launcher damage.

Grenade Launcher changes: Players are now knocked down after being hit by a Grenade Launcher, and additional tuning changes have been made

Players who abandon a Public Match before the game has concluded will incur a Crypto penalty.

Happening this week

The studio has been working hard on the next content drop for Firewall Zero Hour, which is on its way to you Contractors in the coming weeks. We can’t quite reveal what it will contain, but we can say right now to get ready to lock ‘n load--it’s gonna be one helluva drop! As always, you can stay up-to-date on all our activities via the Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram.

‘Til next time, Contractors! Squad up and I’ll see you online! - Shabs