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FCE - Community Update #27

Hi guys,

It’s Shabs here, Game Director at First Contact Entertainment.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on over here at FCE!

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Heartland Mid-Season Update:

Firewall Zero Hour fans, your Operation: Heartland Mid-Season update landed yesterday, November 26th! Within the update is a brand new map, Gauntlet, a training ground located in Virginia, USA. Available for free to all players, fans of the Shoothouse map are sure to be fans of the Gauntlet map. And we welcome a brand new Contractor, named Dom. Available to all Operation: Heartland Op Pass holders, Dom is our first Contractor from France, and his Skill of Survivalist will allow players to receive an additional downed state. Upon completion of the first free mission of the Mid-Season update, you’ll receive a new weapon: the Classic Reg K8, with an iconic bull-pup design that features a fully-automatic rate of fire. It’s a powerful assault rifle for medium to long distance engagements that packs a punch. Lastly, this season’s Legendary Weapon skin is Meiko’s ZS -- available to Op Pass holders who complete all Free, Premium and Bonus Missions in Operation: Heartland (a total of 24 missions) and redeemed for 250,000 Crypto.

You can check out all the goods in the video below:

Plus, see gameplay of the new map, Gauntlet, featured today on UploadVR’s Holiday Showcase Pre-Show Countdown! Video below:

PS VR fans, take note:

Today, over on the PlayStation Blog, we also announced a Firewall Zero Hour Free Trial and Double XP event coming soon for active PS Plus members! This Limited Free Trial will be available on the PS Store December 3rd (8AM PT) to December 9th (8AM PT). It’s the perfect time to invite friends to squad up and dive straight into battle -- testing out the latest maps, weapons, and equipment. Complete missions, earn rewards, and level up with Double XP!

Also -- a reminder that Firewall Zero Hour recently received an exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition and Deluxe Pack on the PS store! This is perfect for those new to the game, as the Deluxe Edition and Pack feature all of the most popular Contractors, skins, and face paints released for Firewall Zero Hour since launch.

Well FCE community, there you have it.

Now you’re all caught up. From all of us at FCE, we wish you and your families a great Thanksgiving! We’re so grateful to you, our community, for all your feedback this year, which has helped shaped the course of our development. We are psyched to see what you think of our new content drops -- as well as the next projects on the horizon from us!

’Til next time,

- Shabs