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FCE - Community Update #24

Hey guys,

It’s Shabs here, Game Director on Firewall Zero Hour!

Summer may technically be coming to a close--but the heat continues here in beautiful Santa Monica, California! At First Contact Entertainment, it’s been a busy summer for us, with lots going on. With that, we wanted to make sure you’re up-to-date on all of our latest news:

Celebrating One Year:

On August 28th, we celebrated the one year anniversary of launching Firewall Zero Hour on PlayStation VR. And of course, a unique celebration like this one would not be complete without... a laptop cake!

In honor of the one year milestone for Firewall Zero Hour, we celebrated with an Extended Free Trial and Double XP event for active PS Plus members across 6 days (August 28th - September 2nd). This event welcomed tons of new players into the game--making the Firewall Zero Hour community grow even stronger!

Operation: Dark Web Mid-Season Update

After the launch of Operation: Dark Web on August 13th, and the Extended Free Trial, we’re just in time for the Operation: Dark Web Mid-Season Update -- launching September 17th!

As seen in the video above, this Mid-Season update is jam-packed with new content! Check the outline below for a full run-down on what’s included in this update:

New Map:


The Cargo map takes place on a dodgy crypto mining ship in an undetermined location within International Waters. Whether you’re an Attacker or Defender, be sure to keep an eye out across the many areas of this cargo ship. With tight quarters below deck, and unique cover points above deck, you’ll definitely be busy testing out the new skill and equipment! As always, new maps are free for all players.

New Contractor and Skill:


Available for Op Pass holders, the brand new contractor Proxy joins the crew, with her skill of Eagle Eye--giving you the ability to hack the Support Feed while alive! To use Eagle Eye as Proxy, find an Access Point during a match and interact with it to hack into the Support Feed and cycle through cameras to plan your strategy. Keep on your guard while using Eagle Eye, though -- you’re still vulnerable to your enemy, so be quick and clear with communication to your teammates. As a Defender, you can use Eagle Eye on any Access Point found in a map during a match. And as an Attacker, you can use Eagle Eye on any Access Point found in a map during a match--but, if you try to use Eagle Eye on one of the two map-designated Access Point spots during a match, you will need to first hack the Access Point to bring down the firewall, before using Eagle Eye on that Access Point.

New Weapon:


For all you WWII weapon buffs out there, the Sten SMG will launch at the Mid-Season update! Help your squad out of the trenches by eliminating enemies with the brute force and high impact damage of the Sten. The Sten unlocks upon completion of the Free Mission of Week 5 (Sept 17th), and you’ll utilize this weapon for a variety of Missions throughout Operation: Dark Web.

New Equipment:

Instant Smoke:

The Instant Smoke is a brand new piece of tactical equipment for players, unlocked at level 5 and redeemable for 3200 Crypto. Similar to an Impact Grenade, the Instant Smoke activates upon impact, instantly filling an area with smoke. Players can the Instant Smoke tactically against enemies in a variety of ways.

Concussion Mine:

The Concussion Mine is another brand new piece of tactical equipment for players, unlocked at level 7 and redeemable for 4300 Crypto. Similar to a Proximity Mine, the Concussion Mine is triggered by an enemy proximity, rendering their movement speed significantly slower and their vision distorted. Players are sure to get creative with their placements of the Concussion Mine. My favorite way to use the Concussion Mine is to combo it with the Proximity Mines. Players can get clever on their placement to herd enemies into lethal equipment.

Legendary Weapon Skin:

Jag’s Stalker

As a reminder, the Legendary Weapon Skin for this season is Jag’s Stalker. It becomes available to Op Pass holder upon completion of all 24 missions in Operation: Dark Web (including all Free, Premium, and Bonus missions), and redeemed for 250,000 Crypto.

Free Trinkets for PS Plus:

Additionally, active PS Plus members can download two new free trinkets available in Firewall Zero Hour’s PS Store beginning September 17th:

Days Gone Trinket:

We’re excited to partner with Bend Studio on a Days Gone Trinket! Show the world you “Ride the Broken Road.” Customize your weapon in Firewall Zero Hour with the emblem of Mongrel MC — the outlaw motorcycle club in Days Gone, which counts Deacon St. John as a member.

Lil’ Jag Trinket:

Show off your personality by adding a bit of flair to your Primary Weapons with the Lil’ Jag Trinket.

As a reminder, the Operation: Dark Web season will wrap up on October 22nd. There are still 4 weeks of Mission reward content left in this season, with October 15th being a catch-up week for Mission completion. And, in case you don’t use all your Hack Keys this season, they will carry over into the next season.

After an incredible year since launch, we’re excited to confirm that there’s even more coming to Firewall Zero Hour--and we can't wait to share it with you! We're so grateful for the continued support from our Firewall Zero Hour community. Thank you for all of your feedback throughout the year. Know that your passion and dedication to the game, is matched by the passion and dedication of our team here. As always, your feedback is extremely valuable -- so please be sure to participate in our PSN community, Facebook group, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube channel, to leave your feedback.

I’ll see you on the Cargo ship, Contractors!

- Shabs