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FCE - Community Update #20

Hey guys!

Shabs here, Game Director on Firewall Zero Hour.

As you may know, we launched Operation: Nightfall on May 21st -- our most ambitious update to Firewall Zero Hour thus far.

Thank you for your patience as we’ve worked to improve your Firewall Zero Hour experience. Operation: Nightfall rebuilt the foundation of the game. Given the scope of the changes, it was difficult to anticipate all of the growing pains. We’re happy to report that as of Patch 1.26 on June 15th, squad and matchmaking issues should now be addressed. It has been a process, this buildout of a reliable and robust platform—one that will set us up for future growth, improvements, and content rollouts. Thank you for your patience through all of this, and for your feedback. We hope where we take the game from here exceeds your expectations and rewards your continued commitment.

Since launching Operation: Nightfall, we have been monitoring the live environment, and have made tweaks to the new Mission, Task, and Reward systems to improve the experience for our players. We lowered the unlock level for the Oni and Kaolin Face Paints, which make completion of certain Tasks more widely achievable. We also lowered the unlock level needed for acquiring the Signal Modifier--we believe players should have access to this integral piece of equipment at an earlier level.

We’re also focused on continuing to grow and evolve the experience, bringing more people to the game and building upon the potential promised by the Operation: Nightfall revamp of the UI and Mission structure. Below are some beats on the horizon that should do just that:

  • Free Weekend Trial: We start with another Free Weekend Trial of Firewall Zero Hour, coming June 28th-30th for active PS Plus members. Have a friend with PS VR who’s never tried the game? Well, now they can hop on with you, and you can show them the ropes!*

  • Double XP Weekend: And just in time for the Free Weekend Trial…a Double XP Weekend for all! All Firewall Zero Hour players will earn Double XP during the same weekend of the Free Trial (June 28th-30th)

  • Operation: Nightfall Mid-Season update arrives July 2nd. The Mid-Season update will see a brand new sandstorm-filled map, F.O.B., free for all players. The Mid-Season update will also see the addition of new Contractor, Lynx, and his skill of Unstoppable (aka Self-Revive)!**

Many of you have asked us about having time to complete the Missions and Rewards you might’ve missed these past couple weeks. The Double XP weekend is the perfect time to make quick progress, and there are three ‘catch-up’ weeks still left this season (weeks of July 9th, July 30th, and August 6th)--more great ways to get caught up. The Operation: Nightfall season wraps up August 13th. And in case you don’t use all your Hack Keys this season, they will carry over into the next season.

We are so excited about everything that’s coming to Firewall Zero Hour. We are continuing to keep our community top-of-mind in all updates to the game. Community feedback is very valuable to us, so please be sure to participate in our PSN community, Facebook group, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube channel, to leave your feedback.

Let’s squad up and I’ll see you online, Contractors!

- Shabs *Active PS Plus membership required for Weekend Trial.

**Contractor Lynx is available exclusively to Op Pass owners during the Operation: Nightfall Season.