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FCE - Community Update #19

Hey all,

Shabs here, Game Director on Firewall Zero Hour*, the team-based tactical multiplayer shooter, exclusive to PS VR. We’re excited that our biggest update to the game yet — Operation: Nightfall — is out today!

Since launching Firewall Zero hour last year, we’ve received a ton of feedback, as well as heard countless amazing stories from our incredible community. We’ve seen players who met other players in Firewall Zero Hour’s lobbies--and the ensuing friendships that carried over into real life. We’ve heard about a group of players in Belgium who decided to meet up in real life and play laser tag. We’ve learned about a friendship developed to the level where a player attended as a guest of another player’s wedding in the UK. We’ve even seen a group of 8 players in Taiwan who meet up and play Firewall Zero Hour in person regularly--setting up 8 PS4s and 8 PS VRs each time!

Developing Firewall Zero Hour is a labor of love for us at First Contact Entertainment, and we are beyond grateful for all the feedback we continuously receive from players. We’ve been paying close attention to our community since day one, and have channeled that feedback right back into the game with a number of updates since launch (improvements like balance, weapon tuning, matchmaking, as well as new content updates like Contractors/Skills, Weapons, Maps).

In honor of Operation: Nightfall’s launch this week, we’re here with a FAQ about all the changes you’ll see in-game:

Q: What is Operation: Nightfall?

A: Operation: Nightfall is our biggest update to Firewall Zero Hour to date, and kicks off seasonality for Firewall Zero Hour. Operation: Nightfall introduces a whole new system of time-limited progression in the game, taking the form of Missions, Tasks, and cosmetic Rewards. This new system revamps the existing challenges system to take on a more meaningful approach and provide players with more rewards. The Operation runs for 12 weeks, so be sure to grab the Op-Pass** ($9.99 USD) so you can experience it all. Operation: Nightfall will end on August 13th 2019 (7am UTC).

Q: How do Missions and Rewards work?

A: Each week your Contract Handler will assign 3 new Missions to complete. Missions will contain Tasks that players will need to complete to earn the reward for that Mission. Missions are comprised of up to 6 tasks per Mission. An example of a Task would be to eliminate 8 enemies using an SMG. Example cosmetic Rewards include new Face Paints, Trinkets, and Clothing/Weapon Camo. Mission Tasks can be completed by playing PvP, PvE, or solo, unless otherwise specified in the Task description.

Q: Will Missions go away after the week they release?

A: No. Missions do not go away after the week they release. Missions will be available for Players even after the week they are released. Missions will only go away after Operation: Nightfall ends.

Q: What’s an Op-Pass?

A: The Op-Pass for Operation Nightfall is a one-time purchase, allowing players to take part in the 12-week Operation, and acquire cosmetic Rewards throughout the Operation by completing 24 different missions. Op-Pass holders can also unlock 2 new Contractors and their skills (Ruby, launching on day one, and Lynx, launching mid-season). After season wraps, both skills become available to all players via Crypto unlock.

Q: Can I still complete Missions without purchasing an Op-Pass?

A: Yes. There are 8 Free Missions released over the course of the season, each with their own Rewards. There are also 8 Premium Missions, which when completed along with the Free Missions, unlock 8 additional Bonus missions, for a total of 24 missions. All Missions can be played for free, but only Op-Pass holders have access to the cosmetic rewards from Premium and Bonus Missions. In Operation: Nightfall, Bonus missions are sequential. Finish the Free and Premium missions during a week, to unlock the Bonus mission of that week.

Q: What’s a Hack Key?

A: Hack Keys*** can be purchased as a pack of 5 ($4.99 USD), or as a pack of 25 bundled with the Op-Pass ($29.99 USD). Using one Hack Key will instantly complete one Operational Mission. Players will not gain any XP for Missions completed this way, but will be instantly awarded full Crypto, in addition to the Mission Reward (cosmetic only). Hack Keys can be used on any type of Mission, including Free Missions (and for Op-Pass holders, on Premium and Bonus Missions). With Hack Keys, we wanted to create a balanced approach to earning Crypto for players who may not have as much time to play as other players. By providing an acceleration option, we aim to create tactical choice, not tactical advantage. Also, in case you don’t use all your Hack Keys this season, they will not disappear at the end of Nightfall--they stay in your inventory.

Q: How do I get Okoro’s Volkov?

A: We’ve also introduced a Legendary Weapon Skin, Okoro’s Volkov, available to Op-Pass holders who complete all 24 missions, for 250,000 Crypto. Players have up to 12 weeks to unlock Okoro’s Volkov, and once unlocked, it can be redeemed with Crypto even after Operation: Nightfall ends. With Okoro’s Volkov, we wanted to provide players an opportunity to earn a reward this season that’s a real challenge to unlock.

Q: With Operation: Nightfall, what are some of the biggest changes I’ll notice in-game?

A: Operation: Nightfall brings two new maps, free for all players. The first one, Hangar, is available beginning May 21st, with the second one, F.O.B., launching mid-season. Three new weapons—the Richardson SG12, Sarge, and Raptor— will become available upon completion of their corresponding weekly missions. When playing Multiplayer PVE Training mode, players will witness new AI behavior that changes the traditional PVE gameplay experience. The new AI behaviors are meant to mimic human-like player tactics, with characteristics like breaching doors, hunting players down, and using equipment intuitively. A completely revamped UI in the game makes new Missions, Tasks, and Rewards system easier to discover. Players will also notice various changes in the lobby that improve overall performance and stability. Other quality-of-life updates include: Squad optimizations, ability to customize Contractors in lobby, map and laptop location refresh in Bunker and Compound, as well as updates to enemy indicators and headshot SFX.

We're looking forward to community feedback on this new update, so be sure to join our PSN community, Facebook group, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube channel to leave your feedback.

See you online, Contractors!

- Shabs *An internet connection is required for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, including Single Player Training Mode. An active PS Plus membership is required for Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes. **Op-Pass requires Firewall Zero Hour in order play and unlock content. ***Available for purchase in the PS Store. Hack Keys alone can be used to hack free missions, and when used in conjunction with the Op-Pass, Hack Keys can hack any type of mission including Premium and Bonus missions.