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FCE - Community Update #17

What’s up guys! It’s Shabs!

Spring has sprung.

Hope you’ve all been having an awesome 2019 so far!

It’s been a crazy Springtime here at FCE :-)

To recap...this year started off with a bang:

  • Frank Marmolino (formerly known as PSVR Frank) joined us as our official Community Manager at FCE

  • We had an amazing time at PAX South introducing Firewall Zero Hour to so many new players

  • The team wants to welcome even more new players that have joined the community after a Limited Trial weekend in January

  • Firewall Zero Hour DLC 4 dropped in February with a ton of new content: 2 Contractors, 3 weapons, plus a number of face paints, clothing camos, weapon camos, and trinkets!

And we just keep ‘em coming!

Happening this week:

  • This week, we welcomed Deon Cooper (aka Deon The Director) officially into the fold here at FCE! You may recognize Deon from the top 10 leaderboard of Firewall Zero Hour. Among other things, Deon will be overseeing media production here at FCE. Give him a warm welcome via Twitter @DeonTheDirector.

Development news:

  • The studio has been working hard on the next update for Firewall Zero Hour. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on that, coming soon! As always, you can stay up-to-date on First Contact activities via the Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram. Frank generally livestreams with the community on our YouTube channel twice a week, so be sure to join our Facebook group to find out when you can take part in streams.

‘Til next time, Contractors!

- Shabs