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FCE - Community Update #21

Hey guys,

Shabs here. Wanted to give you all a recap on some recent news for First Contact Entertainment, ICYMI!

Over on the PS Blog, we did a deep dive into the Hanger map--the new map that launched with Firewall Zero Hour's Operation: Nightfall on May 21st. Here you can read up on everything that goes into making a highly-detailed multiplayer map for PS VR, inspired by the real world.

We were nominated by the AIXR VR Awards as a finalist for VR Game of the Year!

We had a Free Weekend Trial and Double XP Weekend for Firewall Zero hour during June 28th - June 30th. We're excited to welcome a ton of new players into the game, growing our robust playerbase even bigger! And, with Firewall Zero Hour having been out for almost one year now, the game has just received a permanent price reduction on the PS Store to $19.99 -- making it even more accessible to new players.

Mid-Season update -- The Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Nightfall Mid-Season update launched July 2nd, and brought with it a brand new sandstorm-filled map (F.O.B.) free for all players. Check out the new Dev Diary video below to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this very unique map. The Mid-Season update also saw the addition of a new Contractor, Lynx, and his skill of Unstoppable, aka Self-Revive (available for Op-Pass holders).

As a reminder, the Operation: Nightfall season will wrap up August 13th. There are still 4 weeks left in the season, with Week 7 rewards launching July 16th, and Week 8 rewards launching July 23rd. And in case you don’t use all your Hack Keys this season, they will carry over into the next season.

There's a ton more coming to Firewall Zero Hour, and we can't wait to share it with you. We're grateful for the continued support from the passionate Firewall Zero Hour community. Thanks for staying on this wild ride with us! As always, your feedback is extremely valuable -- so please be sure to participate in our PSN community, Facebook group, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube channel, to leave your feedback.

Squad up and game on, Contractors!