Lighting Artist

First Contact is seeking a Lighting Artist to help us create high-end, immersive, next generation VR games.



Job Type


Full Time


  • Lights all aspects of game, marketing material, cinematics, etc.

  • Works closely with Art Director to help determine lighting style of project

  • Works closely with the artists and designers to make sure assets are properly set up for lighting and the correct areas are emphasized for gameplay

  • Works closely with the Tech department to prototype and test new technology

  • Proposes new ideas and methods to improve workflow, performance, and technology in game

  • Creates and implements skies and atmospheres

  • Manages post processing

  • Sets up and optimizes reflection environments

  • Sets up scene lights to match color keys and concept art

  • Help other departments with atmospherics and lighting setups for their environment or test level needs

  • Stays informed about new developments in rendering, particularly with regard to realistic lighting and surfaces

  • Troubleshoots large scene files and rendering errors

  • Other duties may be assigned

  • At least 3 years in game production as a real time lighter

  • Must be very proactive and willing to learn on the job

  • Must be able to take constructive criticism well

  • Should possess an extensive knowledge of realtime lighting

  • Understanding of UE4 material editor and how it can be used to create materials for lighting (or ability and willingness to learn)

  • Understanding of UE4 construction scripts and how it can be used to create lighting actors and tools within UE4 (or ability and willingness to learn)

  • Superior understanding of real-time lighting and lighting performance

  • Have the ability to work on multiple projects at once as a shared resource between projects and to work independently to maintain consistent aesthetic and technical quality in all lighting

  • Strong artistic foundational skills (form, value, color, etc)

  • Knowledge of physical lighting models and methods

  • Strong understanding of the impact light has on gameplay

  • Good understanding of pbr materials and how to make the most of them with lighting


At least 5 years of professional game development experience



Please send all required documents listed below to:


  • Resume

  • Cover letter

  • Demo reel / Portfolio

  • May be required to take a small test